"#LOVEYUHLIFE BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH CAMPAIGN" Initiative Dedicated to donating 100% profits for every purchase of the Stronger than Cancer tee and $1CDN from the purchase of any other items sold. 

We aim to uphold our brand mission of aiding in contributing to enriching your way of life.

Ontario, CA, September 17, 2021 – LOVEYUHLIFE INC., a custom apparel company, today announced a partnership with Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) for the advocacy of providing resources and services to breast cancer patients and survivors. For every purchase of the Stronger than Cancer Tee, LOVEYUHLIFE INC.will donate 100% of profits and $1CDN from the purchase of any other items sold. 

“Working with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network is a great fit for our #LOVEYUHLIFE brand,” said LOVEYUHLIFE INC. founder and Creative Director, Celene Lalla. "My family has been affected by loved ones diagnosed with Breast Cancer, so to support such a great cause makes this partnership is very meaningful to me. Along with that, I have crossed paths with so many people that know or have someone that has been affected by breast cancer. Our intention is that with the donation it will provide advocacy support to those affected by breast cancer."  

The objectives of this new partnership would help support the education and advocacy programs provided by the CBCN such as:

  • Sustain our digital navigation tools:
  • Provide newly diagnosed guides to those who need them:
  • Provide current information on breast cancer topics through digital resources:
  • Provide advocacy support to patients and ensuring the patient voice is heard by decision makers, industry stakeholders and the public

CBCN has chosen to focus their advocacy efforts on four main issues: metastatic breast cancer, drug access, the financial burden of cancer, and improving health care.

“The Canadian Breast Cancer Network is grateful for support of donors, like LOVEYUHLIFE INC., allowing us to continue our work as the voice for breast cancer patients in Canada. Donations support us in keeping our core programs strong providing educational resources and advocacy tools to those in need.”  - Canadian Breast Cancer Network

The partnership is designed to be simple for customers to get involved in the advocacy of providing resources and services to breast cancer patients and survivors. For every purchase of the Stronger Than Cancer tee from LOVEYUHLIFE INC’s inventory, the company will give 100% profits and $1 for purchases of any other items sold to Canadian Breast Cancer Network. 


LOVEYUHLIFE INC., based in Ontario, Canada, is a custom clothing and apparel company. From conception, we aim to spread our #LOVEYUHLIFE message by giving back with the goal of our brand contributing to enriching your way of life.

About Canadian Breast Cancer Network

CBCN exists to ensure the best quality of life for all Canadians affected by breast cancer and Canada's only patient-directed national breast cancer health charity. They strive to voice the views and concerns of breast cancer patients through education, advocacy activities, and the promotion of information sharing.

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