Yuh gotta live in the moment! LIVE IN YOUR MOMENT!

We all reach that point in our lives where we get so caught up that we forget to just live in the moment. Sometimes we need to hit the refresh button and learn how to create a balance in our lives. 

I had my daughter at the age of twenty four, the same age my mother had me. I thought I was sure of myself at that age not knowing what lay ahead for the next few years of raising a child on my own as a single parent. 

One, Two....nine......! What the hell she is nine already? Where did the time go? I cannot remember anything of having a "life" from pregnancy to her ninth birthday. How is this possible? Have you ever felt like that as a parent? Doesn't matter if you are a man/woman/couple/single parent or not a parent, the time just flies where you wonder what happened.

For years I tried to hit the reset button but due to habit I fell back into the trap of getting "caught up" that I kept missing opportunities to live in my moment. 

One day I just decided my life will not continue to be like this! I must take care of ME before I can take care of others including my daughter. It took me a few years to rewire my brain into doing so but as each year passed by I noticed I started to feel more complete.

Every single moment I experienced I no longer saw things as negative but as a chance to see something positive in any given situation. My message to you is the sooner you begin to live in the moment, the sooner you embark on living your purpose and loving your life. So why not start a new way of life by living in the moment! Your moment!


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